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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended December 01, 2000
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Sent on Mormon-News: 29Nov00

By Kent Larsen

West High School Book of Mormon Dispute Resolved

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- The dispute that left three West High School students claiming they had been kicked out of class for reading the Book of Mormon has been resolved, says the Salt Lake City School District and the Salt Lake Teachers Association. The teachers and administrators say the incident was simply a misunderstanding and no one is at fault.

The incident occurred October 31st, when an English teacher at the high school called security and had three students removed from the class for being disruptive. In new reports published in the next few days the students claimed that the teacher had them removed because they were reading the Book of Mormon. But the Teachers Association, speaking for the teacher, claimed that the students were supposed to be reading an "American Literature Novel" and that the students became disruptive when she asked them to put the copies of the Book of Mormon they were reading away.

To resolve the incident, the district and teachers association have released a joint press release, which was negotiated with the parents of the students involved, that says the incident was fueled by "miscommunication, misunderstanding and overreaction." The release supports the teacher's position that the students were to be reading an "American Literature Novel," and had been told that in a "Class Disclosure" given them earlier in the year.

But the resolution still doesn't address claims by the students of a pattern of "derogatory treatment and comments toward the LDS faith in particular." One parent, Teresa Powell, says that she still doesn't know if the families will pursue legal action. "Last night, it depended on the press release," she said. According to Powell, parents asked the district and the union to change some of the wording in the statement last night because it "wasn't very nice."


District Finds No Fault in Book of Mormon Dispute
Salt Lake Tribune 29Nov00 D4
By Ashley Estes: Salt Lake Tribune


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