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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended November 3, 2000
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Churchwide News

  LDS Church to Lay New Nauvoo Temple Cornerstones Sunday
At noon on Sunday, LDS Church officials will lay the four cornerstones of the new Nauvoo Temple, following as much as possible the way the cornerstones were originally laid on April 6, 1841. The ceremony will include hymns from the Church's first hymnal performed by two choirs. Several LDS General Authorities will attend the ceremony.

  Mother's Complaints Lead to Canadian Investigation of FLDS Church
Lenore Holm objected when her Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints Church leaders determined that her 16-year-old daughter should marry a 39-year-old Utah polygamist. But her daughter was then taken to British Columbia to an FLDS commune there without Holm's permission. Holm, who has been excommunicated by the FLDS Church, is now fighting back, filing complaints with Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police and with Utah's special investigator of "closed societies," Ron Barton.

  LDS Church Starts 'Visitor's Center' Mission in Nauvoo
The LDS Church has formed its 334th mission from the 200 missionaries working in Nauvoo's Visitors Center, construction projects and BYU center. The Illinois Nauvoo Mission will include missionaries that conduct tours and answer questions, but who generally don't proselyte or baptize. The mission is similar to the Church's Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.

  Mormon 'Sea Trek' To Be Re-enacted
The Sea Trek Foundation has announced that a group of the world's largest ships will set sail on August 7, 2001 from Esbjerg, Denmark and arrive in New York on October 4, 2001 in a recreation of the migration of the 85,000 immigrants who came from Europe to America. The historic migration of converts from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took place 150 years ago.

  Utah NOT Lowest in CDC Smoking Survey
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released the results of their annual smoking survey, and Utah is not the last state on the list. Because of its majority LDS population, Utah has always been the place in the US with the lowest percentage of its population that smokes. But this year Puerto Rico came in slightly lower.

  LDS Man Muses on History of Kirtland
In an article looking at "the soul of Greater Cleveland," the Plain Dealer talked with LDS Church member Gary Brimhall of Orem, Utah, who took time out of a business trip to Cleveland to visit Kirtland. While walking in the Kirtland Cemetary, next to the Kirtland Temple, Brimhall told the Plain Dealer, "These are our ancestors and those were amazing, amazing times."

Other Churchwide News

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