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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended November 03, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church
Sent on Mormon-News: 04Nov00

By Kent Larsen

KZION Radio May Begin Independent LDS Radio

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The modest KZION Internet radio station started this past week may be the beginning of independent Internet for members of the LDS Church. The new station currently streams a play list of LDS songs to anyone that wants to listen. The emergent station has reached agreements with 6 LDS musicians and will soon double that number.

KZION started simply because John Hesch and his partner Kim Siever offered an MP3 file of Janet Clayton Sloan's song "Love Is A Verb" on their Home and Visiting Teaching website, . When they got a strong positive response, and lots of downloads, they decided to bring in other musicians. That developed into offering the music in streaming audio, and finally, the service has developed into, this past week, a radio station.

Listeners can now tune in by connecting to: There, they can hear the streaming audio from KZION with just a simple click, which launches the Real player, Windows Media player or other audio software supported by their site. Currently, the broadcast is at 32Kpbs or at 24Kbps. For the play list, Hesch and Siever choose songs that fit with LDSTeach's theme of Home and Visiting Teaching.

In the future, Hesch says he hopes to add a playlist and a request line for listeners. He also hopes to add disc jockey introductions for songs so that listeners know who the artists are. Hesch and Siever are also considering some live broadcasts, featuring interviews with artists or maybe even a game show, such as "Who wants to be a Home or Visiting Teacher." He also is interested in pursuing a broader mix of songs, probably with Hesch's other website, .

Hesch admits that the idea has excited him. "Yea, this is kind of like a dream for me. I've always wanted to be a DJ and in a simple kind of way I can do that here." And he can also see more than music in the future, "I think there is a market for other types of Internet radio."


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