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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended October 13, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 10Oct00

Summarized by Kent Larsen

New Companies Added to Mormon Stock Index, But Index Falls

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Mormon News has learned of three new companies which have been added to its Mormon Stock Index, including two companies run by Mormon billionaires. AES Corp., Oakley, Inc. and Cornerstone REIT, all listed on the New York Stock Exchange, were added to the index this week.

AES specializes in running power systems in an environmentally freindly way, which made its co-founder and Mormon Roger W. Sant a billionaire, listed on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans. While raised Mormon, Sant is no longer active in the LDS Church, although some Mormon principles inform his management style.

The other Mormon billionaire is Jim Jannard, Chairman and CEO of sunglass manufacturer Oakley, Inc., based in California. Although Mormon News listed 6 Mormons on the Forbes 400, we missed Jannard until a Mormon News subscriber alerted us to him. Another subscriber told us that her stake president was Glade M. Knight, Chairman and CEO of Cornerstone REIT, a real estate investment and management company.

In spite of adding these companies, which tend to broaden the MSI, the index still fell heavily, mostly due to the broad sell-off in high tech stocks, clear from the 8.5% drop in the NASDAQ. The MSI, more than half of which are NASDAQ stocks, fell just over 7%, while other indexes didn't fall as much.

Mormon Stock Index  127.9876down 7.0602
CompanySymbolLDS ExecutiveClosing PriceChange
AES Corp.AESRoger W. Sant, Chairman64.7500down 3.7656
Black &DeckerBDKNolan D. Archbald, CEO31.7500down 2.4375
Caldera SystemsCALDRansom H. Love, CEO4.2500up 0.1562
Corvis CorporationCORVDavid Huber, CEO58.0000down 3.0469
1-800-ContactsCTACJonathan C. Coon, President &CEO44.6875down 3.3125
Dell ComputerDELLKevin B. Rollins, Vice Chairman25.3125down 5.5000
EarthShellERTHSimon K. Hodson, CEO1.2500no change
Franklin CoveyFCStephen R. Covey, Chairman7.5000up 0.1875
FonixFONXSteve Studdert, Chairman0.7188down 0.0937
First SecurityFSCOSpencer F. Eccles, Chairman &CEO16.2500down 0.0625
Hollywood EntertainmentHLYWMark J. Wattles, CEO6.6250down 0.8125
Host MarriottHMTRichard Marriott, Chairman10.8125down 0.4375
I-LinkILNKJohn Edwards, Chairman & CEO2.9375down 0.4063
IomegaIOMDavid J. Dunn, Chairman4.8800down 0.1200
Marriott InternationalMARJ.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman35.8750down 0.5625
Micrel SemiconductorsMCRLRay Zinn, Chairman and CEO60.5000down 6.5000
Myriad GeneticsMYGNChristopher L. Wight, VP, General Counsel86.6875down 0.3125
NovellNOVLStewart Nelson, COO8.9688down 0.9687
NetrixNXWXLynn Chapman, President &CEO4.5625down 2.0625
NuSkinNUSMost of Management is LDS, including Chairman and CEO6.1875down 0.4375
Oakley, Inc.OOJim Jannard, Chairman &CEO18.5625up 1.0000
Ryder SystemsRTony Burns, CEO15.9375down 2.5000
Cornerstone REITTCRGlade M. Knight, Chairman &CEO10.6250no change
Ten FoldTENFGary Kennedy, President and CEO5.0000up 0.5625
Zions BancorpZIONHarris Simmons, Chairman53.1250up 1.9844


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