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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended October 6, 2000
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Churchwide News

  U S State Dept Condemns Attack on Mormons August 20th
The US State Department yesterday condemned an attack on a Mormon group in Volgograd August 20th as well as recent attacks on Jews and Jehovah's witnesses and called on the Russian government to prosecute the perpetrators "to the fullest extent" of the law.

  Woman's Lawsuit vs. LDS Church Over Abuse Heard by Utah Supreme Court
The Utah Supreme Court heard oral arguments Monday in the case of a woman suing the LDS Church over its handling of her abuse by another LDS Church member. Lynette Earl Franco says she was abused at age 7 by a member of her LDS congregation who was 11 at the time. After initially filing a claim of clergy malpractice, Franco now claims that her Bishop and Stake President committed fraud, were negligent and inflicted distress on her.

  Failure to Report Charges vs LDS Bishop Dismissed
An LDS Bishop has escaped charges that he failed to report a case of sexual abuse of an infant. On the recommendation of Salt Lake District Attorney David Yocum, Judge Roger Livingston dismissed the misdemeanor charge against LDS Bishop Bruce Christensen i the case of a one-year-old allegedly abused by her father. Yocum told the court that the child's mother had changed her story. "The police reports were very specific, [but] now she's saying something different," Yocum told the court.

  Another LDS Bishop Escapes Failure to Report Charges
Just one day before a scheduled court date, LDS Bishop David Maxwell reached an agreement with prosecutors to have the charges against him dismissed. The so-called "diversion" agreement requires only that Maxwell "take advantage of the standard educational opportunities provided to all ecclesiastical leaders in [Utah's failure-to-report statute]." Charges against him will then be dismissed in 90 days.

  Swap for Martin Handcart Company Site on Hold
An attempt by the LDS Church to swap land with the US Government's Bureau of Land Management is on hold while the Church looks for suitable land to swap. The Church wants to get the Martin's Cove site because it is where about 150 members of the Martin Handcart Company died from exposure and starvation in 1856 after being trapped by early snows.

Other Churchwide News

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