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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended September 17, 2000
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Churchwide News

  LDS Church Objects to Media Calling Polygamists 'Mormon'
Reacting to a widely distributed Associated Press story on the FLDS Church of Hilldale, Utah and Colorado City, Airzona, the LDS Church is calling the use of the term "Mormon" in describing that church "misleading." To combat the perception that the FLDS group is somehow connected to the LDS Church, the Church's public relations department issued the press release on the commercial service PRNewswire. It is currently not available on the Church's website.

  Scholars of Missouri Mormon History Meet Today in Independence
A group of scholars that study Mormon history in Missouri will meet today at the Independence LDS stake center for the Missouri Mormon Heritage Conference. The conference, the third held in the past four years, represents the open attitude most scholars have to the subject, which has in the past been a source of debate between LDS and RLDS scholars. The conference also comes at a time when the city of Independence has become more open to the Mormon events in its history, making Mormonism one of four pillars of its recent tourism program.

  Evergreen Told Homosexuality Not Genetic
The opening speaker at this year's Evergreen International Conference told attendees that no one is born gay and claiming that scientific research that indicate's otherwise is flawed. Former homosexual Richard Cohen, author of "Coming Out Straight," told the 10th Annual Evergreen Conference that there is no biological differrence between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

  Website Supports Scouts Ban of Homosexuals
A Provo, Utah man who started a web site to support the Boy Scouts ban on gays is creating quite a stir. Gavin Grooms, who started the web site on September 1, says he has received national attention and support for his cause.

  School Prayer Protest To Be Held Tomorrow in Utah
Utah students and supporters of school prayer will gather for early morning prayer at many Salt Lake Valley high school and junior high school campuses on Wednesday for a "See You at the Pole" event. Early morning flagpole prayer meetings have been held for more than a decade and participants are maintaining the middle ground between religious freedom and church-and-state by meeting at 7 a.m. before classes begin.

Other Churchwide News

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