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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended July 08, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Letter Sent to Mormon-News: 07Jul00

Letter from: Greg Hill

Re: BYU Requires Letter of Explanation from Julie

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Mormon News for summarizing the Kevin Johnson USA Today article on the letter sent to Julie Stoffer by BYU's Carri Jenkins. The letter shows some good common sense. Unless reliable evidence of serious sexual misconduct on Julie's part emerges from this inquiry (and there is no evidence at all of any misbehavior on her part, to date), I very much hope that BYU will welcome Julie back with open arms.

From what I have seen of the MTV production, Julie has handled herself very well. As an active member of the Church and a BYU graduate, I am proud of her, and as a member of the Church, I am very sad that any fellow member would send her hate mail. Julie represents the Lord's Church a lot better than they do. I would much rather that my four daughters follow Julie's example than their example.

While it may be wise for each of us to strive avoid compromising environments to the extent we can do so, as Christians we should be generous in interpreting the actions and intentions of others. We all desire such generosity when others interpret our own actions and intentions.

Julie felt that she had the strength of character and belief to be able to reach out to others in a very public way, exposing her own ideas and values to a rather remarkable test, in full view of the world. She interacted honestly and in a meaningful way for a significant period of time with a number of young people who held very different views of life and of the world. From what I have seen, she held her own quite well, her ideas and values passed the test, and she grew to understand the complexities of life and the viewpoints of others much better in the process. And I think she may also have made a number of life-long friends. Good for her. Good for us.


Gregory S. Hill


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