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 LDS Man Killed In Arlington Texas Hotel Room
An LDS man, reportedly a counselor in the bishopric of his ward, was discovered dead, bound and gagged in a North Arlington, Texas hotel room Wednesday, March 22nd, the apparent victim of a random robbery attempt. Robert Neal Allen, 44, was a Federal Aviation Administration inspector from Ypsilanti, Michigan who was in Texas on business. Police have no suspects in the murder. A hotel housekeeper at the Fairfield Inn discovered his body.

 LDS Conservative Howard Ruff Takes On Hillary Clinton
LDS investment guru and conservative political activist Howard Ruff is sounding dire warnings and pledging to raise "whatever it takes" to prevent the election of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton as U.S. Senator from New York. Ruff's political action committee, Ruffpac, has paid for and will soon air in upstate New York a TV spot critical of Mrs. Clinton.

 Law Firm's Library Gift Honor's Former Mission President
To honor the memory of a former partner, a Eugene law firm donated $100,000 to a new city Library, naming the library's Young Adult Center after the partner, former LDS mission president A. Keith Martin. Martin passed away in January of a heart attack, while attending the dedication of the Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota Temple. Martin served as Mission President of the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission until last June.

 Mormon Television Inventor Finally Gets Recognition
In 1921, Philo T. Farnsworth, a Mormon farmboy from Beaver, Utah, conceived the idea of television. Fourteen-year old Farnsworth was working on his uncle's ranch in Rigby, Idaho when it came to him. He'd been thinking about the possibility of sending electronic pictures for some time, said his widow, Elma Farnsworth. But he couldn't figure out how to get the picture scanned and transmitted. The idea that hit him as he worked on the ranch that day was that the picture could be scanned and sent line by line, instead of all at once. This was the thing that had been holding the industry up. Thus, the idea became a reality and television was born.

 LDS Doctor Learns His Fate on Medicine's Match Day
March 16th of this year was a momentus day for nearly 15,000 medical students across the U.S., including LDS medical student Christopher Degn. A student at New York New York Medical College, the medical school of Cornel University. The fourth-year medical student, with virtually all of his peers, participated in the National Residency Matching Program to match students with residency programs across the U.S.

 Respected LDS Journalist dies
Utah's journalism community will mourn the passing of DeAnn Evans. Evans, who died suddenly last weekend, stood as a vanguard for journalistic ethics. She was absolutely undeviating in her regard for truth and accuracy. She did not neglect the human side of her art. She covered the news with sensitivity and forged friendships along the way. Her years as managing editor of this newspaper was followed by years as an associate professor of communications at the University of Utah, placed journalism at a premium level statewide. She motivated many reporters and touched their lives by encouraging them to do their jobs better.

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