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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended March 19, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church
Letter Sent to Mormon-News: 16Mar00

Letter from: Andrew Trefethen

Re: Local and National Religious Organizations Join with the Gay/Lesbian Mormon Community in Responding to Recent Suicides

Dear Editor:

I feel fortunate that I serve in the Primary organization in our ward and have the opportunity to hear songs that I use to replace bad thoughts that I encounter or when I need support to make a choice. I need repetitive exposure to learn and memorize. I don't sing the same sacrament type hymns often enough to memorize but in Primary we sing many songs weekly. I mention this because when I read this article my first thought came from a Primary song that has a phrase "Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet."

We have counsel that suggests that we "choose whom we will serve." All of us may have friends that are not following the mouthpiece of the Lord but that does not exempt us from living righteous lives. We need to be supportive of the repentance efforts of our friends and loved ones. Sometimes that support means we have to be dogmatic about certain sins. A sin for any particular reason or excuse is still a sin. Sin needs the repentance process to be overcome. Sins do not become non-sins because small aspects of this worlds community wants them to be socially acceptable. Lives and futures are changed and improved when an irresponsible and harmful activity is recognized and thorough and proper repentance is embraced.

It is a tragedy that any life is sacrificed and it is especially emotional when one uses the sacrifice of their own life and salvation to "kick against the pricks" and become a stumbling block to the spiritual growth of the struggling spiritually young. A loving Father cannot except a sin and deviate his plan for our return to live with him with the suicide or withdrawal from his church of any of his children. Even Lucifer was allowed to make a bad choice but he was not exempt from the will of God. I will not turn away from my journey of a righteousness life and a return to my Father in Heaven because a child of mine turns from the better part.


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