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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended March 19, 2000
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Churchwide News

 Ignoring LDS Suggestion, Vermont House Supports Gay 'Civil Unions'
Acting because of a Vermont Supreme Court edict last fall requiring that the state give same-sex couples equal benefits to those enjoyed by heterosexual couples, the Vermont House of Representatives passed a bill creating 'civil unions' for same-sex couples, but specifying that marriages are limited to heterosexual couples. The controversial bill passed on a vote of 76 to 69 and now moves to the state Senate where it is expected to be approved. Vermont Governor Howard Dean has indicated that he will sign the legislation.

 Hinckley's Mountain Meadows Efforts Made Limited Progress
While the LDS Church sought last fall to heal the wounds opened for 142 years, the legal and practical issues of the attempt limited what could be said and how it could be delivered. That, combined with the accidental discovery of the remains of 29 of the victims thwarted much of what was gained by building the memorial.

 UVSC To Study Mormons; College to pioneer LDS cultural program
Utah Valley State College will kick-off a new Mormon Cultural Studies program tomorrow, starting with a day-long conference on Mormonism. The program is unique at colleges and universities in Utah, and makes UVSC the first to embrace Mormonism as a subject worthy of study. The program will be part of a new religious-studies program to be housed in the college's Center for the Study of Ethics.

 Mormon Group Supports Catholics At UN
In response to an attempt to get the status of the Catholic Church changed at the United Nations, the BYU-based World Family Policy Center has joined with other conservative, family-oriented groups at the United Nations to oppose the move. The defense of the Holy See, as the Catholic Church is known, is orchestrated by the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), who says they have received support from 1,015 groups from 46 countries.

 Bob Jones U. Drops Anti-Mormon Statements From Website
Bob Jones University, the evangelical Christian university criticized recently for its statements calling Mormons and Catholics 'cults,' has dropped those comments from its website. In place of the comments, a new message from University President Bob Jones III recounts how he contemplated on Christmas Eve "the growing worldwide hostility toward the evangelizing efforts of Bible-believing Christians."

 Bob Jones Reposts Anti-Mormon Statement
Saying that he wanted to show that the Bob Jones University's position hasn't changed, University President Bob Jones III had statements calling Mormonism and Catholicism 'cults' put back onto the University's website. Jones said that news reports earlier this week gave the wrong impression about the removal. He told the Greenville News that the reports were "totally misleading" and implied that the removal was "for suspect reasons or because of embarrassment or cowardice."

 Scholar reflects on 40 years studying LDS
Religious historian Jan Shipps is in Utah this week to promote her newest book, "Sojourner in the Promised Land: Forty Years Among the Mormons".

 LDS Church often still misunderstood
The exclusion of LDS Church members from the January 15th Festival of Faith 2000 event in Phoenix's Bank One Ballpark led Arizona Republic reporter Maureen Jenkins to examine why the LDS Church is "still so maligned and little understood within some Christian circles." Initially the festival planned to include the LDS Church, but some conservative evangelicals objected to the LDS Church's presence, claiming that Latter-day Saints are not Christian. Jenkins reviews history and theology to find out why.

 Nebraska 'Archway' Includes Mormon Exhibit
Artists and promoters are working to finish the Nebraska 'Archway' to commemorate the pioneer trails that passed through Nebraska opening the west. One of the exhibits in the Archway is the "Mormon" Exhibit, meant to portray the Mormon pioneers who passed through Nebraska starting in 1847.

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