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For week ended October 10, 1999 Posted 17 Oct 1999

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Start of Y2K analysis series by international expert

Summarized by 'Bruce F. Webster'

Start of Y2K analysis series by international expert
Bruce Webster Press Release 7Oct99 P2

Washington, DC -- Bruce F. Webster, Co-Chair of the Washington D.C. Year 2000 Group and internationally-known Y2K analyst, released today the first of a series of articles examining the remaining core issues in the Year 2000 arena. These articles will be published exclusively on the Y2K Today web site (, which is run by Infrastructure Defense, Inc. (

The first article, "Playing the Y2K Wild Cards", looks at nearly a dozen 'wild card' events that could dampen or increase the national and global impact of Y2K. Webster crafted this list a year ago (October 1998) and now examines it to see which have come to pass, which might yet unfold, and which can be completely ruled out. They include a 'warm war' in Europe, devaluation of the Chinese yuan, a civil war in Russia, a deepening of the economic crisis in Latin America, and a serious terrorist attack on US soil. The article can be found at Y2K Today ( Future articles will be posted every one to two weeks.


Bruce F. Webster ( has become an internationally recognized authority on the Year 2000 crisis. He has provided analysis and documents on the Y2K issue to Senate and House committees, and he has testified about Y2K issues three separate times before Congress. He has given a private presentation on Y2K contingency planning to US intelligence agencies; he was the keynote speaker for a private Y2K conference held at the World Bank; and he has given private presentations before Congressional staff members. He has given private Y2K briefings to representatives of other nations at the invitation of the US government. He has also given numerous public address on Y2K issues at conferences and other public forums, including at national Y2K conferences in the Middle East and Russia.

Webster is founder (under Fannie Mae's direction) and Co-Chair of the Washington D.C. Year 2000 Group ( The WDCY2K Group is the largest--over 2200 members--and most active Y2K organization in the world. It brings together each month two to three hundred leaders, manager, and technologists from industry, finance, government, and the military to discuss Y2K issues, share solutions, and coordinate efforts.

Webster is based out of Dallas, TX, where he does high-level consulting on Year 2000 legal issues and contingency planning, complexity issues in technology, project management and failure, and intellectual property. He is the author of over 150 articles and four books, including _The Y2K Survival Guide: Getting To, Getting Through, and Getting Past the Year 2000 Problem_ (Prentice Hall, 1999, ISBN 0-13-021496-5). He is a graduate of Brigham Young University (BSCS, 1978) and has over 20 years' experience in information technology and software engineering.

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