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Posted 02 May 2002   For week ended February 22, 2002
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church
Sent on Mormon-News: 25Feb02
By Kent Larsen
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Kenny Kemp Goes on the Air and Online

Kenny Kemp, winner of the National Self-Published Book Award for his memoir Dad Was A Carpenter, isn't stopping there. "It's about total world domination," he says, laughing. "No, it's actually about dumb ideas I have that sometimes work out."

Kemp, an award-winning author and filmmaker, as well as a contractor and an attorney, nods when asked if maybe this time it really is a dumb idea, sharing his views with a national audience.

"Absolutely," he says. "All good ideas sound dumb at first because such ideas usually answer questions that are just forming. If everyone understood the problem, then solutions would abound, and the field would be crowded."

But isn't the talk radio dial already crowded? Kemp maintains that while there are many voices, few are constructive. "It's very easy to grouse about what's wrong. It's much harder to find solutions, which is what my show is about -- making life better."

"The show deals with the four elements which must be in balance for us to be happy," says Kemp, adjusting his headphones in the studio, preparing to go on the air. "The body (health and medicine), the heart (culture and relationships), the mind (politics and science) and the soul (the search for the Infinite)."

Kenny interviews experts and ordinary people, takes callers, and of course, gives his opinions. "It's not as easy as it sounds," he says as the bumper music swells. "By demanding solutions from my guests and callers, I've set a standard that I also have to meet. I'm tired of turning on the radio and hearing nothing but complaining; that's why I'm doing this kind of show -- I believe there are answers out there, and that's why I'm in here."

The Kenny Kemp Show airs live Wednesdays at 12 noon Mountain Time.

The show originates from Phoenix's 50,000 watt powerhouse KFNX Hot Talk 1100 AM. It is also simulcast on the Internet at

The show's national toll-free number is (866) 277-5369.

Questions about the show, as well as guest suggestions and requests for interviews, should be directed to Executive Producer J.C. Clayton at

Kenny Kemp can be reached via his website or via email at


Kenny Kemp Goes on the Air and Online
Alta Films &Press News Release 18Feb02 US AZ Phoe A2
By Alan Smithee, Jr.


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