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Posted 09 Apr 2002   For week ended January 11, 2002
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 07Jan02
By Deseret Book Press Release
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Bestselling Author of Christian Fiction Does It Again

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Gerald Lund takes the crown for his contribution to Christian fiction, which is the number one selling category in the Christian book world, according to Publishers Weekly. Lund, who became a bestselling author with his series "The Work and the Glory," a nine-volume epic chronicallying the historical trek of the Mormon pioneers, has doen it again with "The Kingdom and the Crown. In his new series, Lund celebrates the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Lund, who was able to masterfully capture the minds of his readers with his interpretation of the pioneers crossing the plain in "The Work and the Glory" series, is now doing the same thing with the life of Jesus. He follows the fictional family of David ben Joseph through the streets of Jerusalem and the plains of Galilee as they learn of Jesus and accept him as the Messiah.

"The Kingdom and the Crown" series currently includes "Fishers of Men" and "Come unto Me" with a third book scheduled for next fall and more to come. "Fishers of Men" has sold over 160,000 copies to date and "Come unto Me" is projected to sell more than 100,000 copies in its first three months.

Melanie Stone, a book reviewer from California, said, "I finished this book in two days. It was the most captivating book about Jesus and his ministry that I have ever read. The author has obviously taken great efforts to research his material to ensure the reader understands the subject. I wept through the entire book right to the end."

A recent study, conducted by Publishers Weekly and Parable, a Christian book marketing group, revealed that the highest percentage of books sold in the Christian book market were fiction. The study also revealed that 73 percent of the people surveyed listed the leading motivational factor for buying a book as prior experience with the author. Is it any surprise then that Gerald N. Lund has found such remarkable success in the religious fiction market?

Lund is the author of nineteen books and has won several honors, including twice winning the Independent Booksellers' "Book of the Year" award.

Historical Novels Review said, "Lund beautifully displays that one's profession, religion or culture should not be a barrier preventing one from being the friend ... of Jesus. Lund's writing should be pleasing, as it will introduce, without preaching, the culture, times, and lessons of Jesus the teacher to new readers -- or renew the strength of them."

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Bestselling Author of Christian Fiction Does It Again
Deseret Book Press Release 5Jan02 A2

Come Unto Me
More about "Come Unto Me" by Gerald N. Lund at


Fishers of Men
More about "Fishers of Men" by Gerald N. Lund at


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