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Posted 10 Sep 2001   For week ended September 07, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 10Sep01

By Covenant Communications Press Release

Best-Selling Artist Greg Olsen Publishes His First Children's Book

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH -- The first illustrated gift book for children featuring the much-loved paintings of world-renowned artist Greg Olsen will be released on October 1, 2001. "I Am a Child of God" includes sixteen of Greg Olsen's memorable children's images, and pairs them with inspirational thoughts.

"This powerful combination of accessible visual images and concise, insightful lessons teaches children that their worth doesn't come from the clothes they wear, the social group they belong to, or the car they drive." said Greg Olsen. "When they see themselves in their true light-as children of God-these illusions will melt away."

Authors Wendy and Michael Nelsen believe this project would only work with Greg Olsen. "His beautiful images allow children to envision themselves in the paintings and realize that despite their religion, race, or gender, they are special and of great worth." said Wendy Nelsen. "Parents can use this message to help their children combat what the world will throw at them."

"As a parent, I will use this as a valuable tool to teach my children that Jesus is real and approachable and that he loves them. My greatest hope is that my paintings will help other parents do the same," said Greg Olsen.

Linda Schaner, President of Mill Pond Press, who publishes Olsen's artwork nationally, receives hundreds of letters from people who feel that his paintings have helped them through trials. "Greg Olsen has an amazing effect on people's lives and, as a result, he has become one of the best-selling artists in the entire industry of reproductions. This success is not limited to the LDS market, but includes the inspirational market, as well."

"I Am a Child of God," artwork by Greg Olsen, text by Wendy and Michael Nelsen ($17.95 hardcover) is published by Covenant Communications, and is available at bookstores everywhere.

Founded in 1958, Covenant Communications publishes more than 100 book, audio, and software titles annually, and is the largest independent publisher in the LDS market.


About the Illustrator and Authors

Greg Olsen was raised in a farming community in rural Idaho. Greg went on to study illustration at Utah State University and currently resides in Provo, Utah. He has been exhibited in prominent galleries throughout the west.

Wendy and Michael Nelsen reside in Clinton, Utah and are the authors of the children's book, My CTR Ring.


Best-Selling Artists Greg Olsen Publishes His First Children's Book
Covenant Communications Press Release 7Sep01 A2

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