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Posted 27 Aug 2001   For week ended August 10, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 09Aug01

By Clive Romney

Enoch Train's First Concert Before Sailing

ESBJERG, DENMARK -- We survived sleeping in hammocks for the first day on the ship, even thought the ships remained in dock, and then woke up to a depleting but very busy day for the first day of sea trek 2001. It was perhaps a fitting day to commemorate the hardships of our ancestors because it totally wiped us out. The reason for that is that after a rather sleepless night in the hammocks, I woke up with a very stiff neck because of the position we were in.

We had to assemble our equipment from the ocean container that it was shipped in and then set up on the first of three separate stages we were to perform on that day. Because we were part of the Cutty Stark Races end, and the beginning of Sea Trek, we had to provide entertainment for the Cutty Stark Races. They had three separate stages set up and we were supposed to bounce between those stages during the day, which meant essentially three separate concerts in one day. So we examined the equipment, tried to find what we needed, discovered some things were still left on the truck, etc. so the first setup was frantic just trying to get ready for it.

When we finally got setup, it was a marvelous, marvelous first show. We had not only a lot of friends from the Church over here, but many of the elders and the sisters from the mission were allowed to come and be our helpers for setting up and tearing down for these three shows. Indeed without them we just simply would not have made it. So we did our first show and had a great response even from the locals. Then, some of the members, some of whom had driven for two days to get here from other countries just to help out with this helped us tear down and go to the second stage. Our first show, by the way, was 11:30 in the morning, our second was at one and our third was at three and then at 5:30 we were supposed to pack up and go to an ancient city in Denmark called Ribe to set up for the opening ceremonies. Well that didn't leave any time for lunch- we had to just work straight through and so we were feeling hungry.

After our third show we grabbed a Danish hotdog which is a small, like an 8-inch bun hollowed out and then they insert the hotdog through the end. And the hotdog ends up being a Danish sausage. We grabbed that and then rode over on a large bus with many of the participants to Ribe for the opening ceremonies. It was held in the Ribe Cathedral with about a 7 second delay so that presented it's own challenges.

We finally got set up and sound checked and people came in and had a beautiful opening ceremony where after the calling of the ships by Bill Sadleir, Enoch Train provided two tunes, Duane Street and Hancock and then went into Babylon and Patty Clyde off our new second album, which by the way is here and I guess today is the official European release date.

There were several other speakers and entertainers. Ronald W. Rasband, an area General Authority over here, blessed the ships and then Enoch Train accompanied Jenny Frogley on Good Winds, which is the last tune of the Saints on the Seas Oratorio and then we ended the evening with Scotland the Brave.

And then it was packing up and trying to get all of the equipment into one van and all of Enoch Train in another. I ended up driving the van back. Fortunately I had somebody leading me because I didn't know the way, and we got in about midnight. I had to try to send this message, and so we waited out in the rain while the Mexican Navy monopolized the phones for two hours and finally I gave up and went back in to sleep about 2:15. So, it was a momentous day.

We are sailing out of here at noon this morning bound for Copenhagen. It will take us a little less than two days to get there.


Courtesy of Enoch Train
To learn more about Enoch Train and their participation on the historic SeaTrek 2001, go to


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