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Posted 27 Aug 2001   For week ended August 10, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 10Aug01

By Kent Larsen

New Products: Latest from Rachel Ann Nunes Released

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The latest novel by best-selling LDS romance author Rachel Ann Nunes was released recently, and is slowly becoming available in LDS bookstores. Nunes latest book is not part of her long-running 'Ariana' series, but is another of her romantic novels about LDS women finding happiness and faith. Also new this week is a new cookbook, "Remedies for the 'I Don't Cook' Syndrome," a new "Brigham Bybee" mystery by John Gates, and BJ Rowley's new novel, "Sixteen in No Time."

New and recent products:

Bridge to Forever
More about "Bridge to Forever" by Rachel Ann Nunes at
Bridge to Forever by Rachel Ann Nunes
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $14.95

The latest offering from popular offer Nunes is a romantic journey of love, faith and hope. A near tragedy causes Mickelle Hansen to re-evaluate her budding relationship with handsome widower Damon Wolfe, who seems to have everything she could want in a husband, and she realizes that Damon doesn't offer the one thing she desires most. Meanwhile, charming Colton Scofield is there when Mickelle needs someone the most, ready to share the secrets of his mysterious past. But even Colton is not all that he seems, and soon the very lives of those Mickelle loves hang in the balance.

Bridge to Forever
More about "Bridge to Forever" by Rachel Ann Nunes at
Remedies for the "I Don't Cook" Syndrome by Janet Peterson
Deseret Book
Book; LDS Publisher; Non-Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $15.95

An innovative but simple cookbook meant to bring families together at the dinner table again. Author Peterson says, "Eating dinner together regularly provides more than good nutrition; it enables family members to share their days with each other, relax, laugh, discuss issues, socialize, and strengthen familial relationships." The book includes hundreds of easy recipes that use basic ingredients and remedies for those recipes that don't turn out quite right. The book also includes ideas for disguising leftovers and strategies for making dinnertime enjoyable for the whole family.

Sister Wife
More about "Sister Wife: A Brigham Bybee Mystery" by John Gates at
Sister Wife: A Brigham Bybee Mystery by John Gates
Walker &Co.
Book; National Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Characters $23.95

In his second mystery featuring Brigham Bybee, a Utah defense lawyer and motel owner, John Gates takes on the prosecution of modern polygamy. 'Brig' is the special chief prosecutor in the case of Utah v. Rampton Crowe, polygamist head of a patriarchal religious commune, and is hiding one of Crowe's wives as a witness in the case. But then another of the wives escapes, and after Brig puts the two together, the first is murdered. While he tries to solve the mystery, Brigham faces conflicts with the politically ambitious attorney general, a feisty, jealous girlfriend, and various not-so-trustworthy investigators.

Sixteen in No Time
More about "Sixteen in No Time" by BJ Rowley at
Sixteen in No Time by BJ Rowley
Golden Wings Enterprises
Book; LDS Publisher; Fiction; Mormon Author and Subject $14.95

Celinda Russell gets her wish -- to age four days so that she will turn sixteen a couple of days before the Jr. Prom and get to go with Travis Foxx. But first Celinda must convince her parents that she is actually sixteen, and the result is a rollercoaster ride of excitement as she and her friend Mandy turn "Sixteen In No Time" and experience a whole array of funny, scary, romantic, and disastrous consequences--most of which they cause, some of which they actually manage to prevent. In the end, their parents learn a thing or two about the Spirit of the Law, and the two girls learn some very valuable lessons about boys, rules, and what being a teenage girl in this day and age is really all about.


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