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Posted 26 Mar 2001   For week ended March 02, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 03Mar01

By Kent Larsen

LDS Avalanche Victim Mourned in New Hampshire

BEDFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Friends of LDS Church member Sharon Reinfurt remembered her Wednesday as an active giving mother of three who dug in and worked to help when it was needed. Reinfurt died Tuesday in an avalanche at Utah's Canyons ski resort. The Reinfurt family was on vacation in Utah, visiting daughter Cassie, a sophomore at BYU.

Friend and fellow LDS Church member Janice Cook said Reinfurt was amazingly active, "She was always on the go and never wasted one minute of her life. She was at every sporting event, if she had a child playing or not." Cook added that Reinfurt was also involved at Church. "Sharon was very faithful in the church and also taught Sunday school."

Neighbor Kathy Hamel remembered Reinfurt's help when her home burned down, noting that the family bought her children new church clothes, and that Reinfurt helped with her Manchester gift shop during the crisis, "She just came into the shop and started working. No one had to ask her, she just did it," said Hamel. "She was the epitome of a person that could sense a need and be there for you," said Cook.

A non-Mormon friend, Carol Williams, was her running partner. "We had known each other over the years, but three years ago we began running together five days a week," Williams said. "I was figuring it out and we probably ran about 2,500 miles together through the years." Williams said that she and Reinfurt were planning to run a half-marathon this summer, "She did everything with a flair. She was a dedicated parent and she went to every single sporting event her children took part in." Williams was also impressed by her devotion to the LDS Church, "Sharon was so dedicated and devoted to the Mormon church, of which I am not a member, and I respected her so much for her dedication to her faith."


Avalanche victim Reinfurt is mourned in Bedford
Manchester NH Union Leader 1Mar01 P2
By Colin Manning: Union Leader Correspondent


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