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Posted 12 Mar 2001   For week ended February 23, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 22Feb01

By Kent Larsen

Nauvoo Changes Coming from Mormon Investors, Not Just Temple

NAUVOO, ILLINOIS -- Despite the efforts of Nauvoo's city government to forestall changes, Mormon investors and entrepreneurs are making that change inevitable as they try to cash in on the LDS Church's new Nauvoo Temple. Although the town has in place a moratorium on new buildings, investors are looking at unincorporated land around the city, where its rules don't apply.

A report in the Salt Lake Tribune today provides one example of the plans. Missouri developer Ted Johnson issued a press release recently that outlined his plans for a golf course, a 300-room "Chateau Nauvoo" and spa, a convention center, an IMAX theater and the "City of Joseph Art &Wax Museum." According to the report, Johnson only planned to build the theater for a Mormon-themed pageant, but then an anonymous investor put up additional funds, and pushed him to go farther. "It just kind of grew like a cancer. A nice cancer, but a cancer," said Johnson.

Local planning officials say that the plans are everywhere, and changes in them are frequent. "You could probably write a story every day, if you wanted to have a gossip column," says Hancock County Planner Kerry Asbridge. He says that a developer that has the money could build just about whatever he wishes outside the city, "No permits are required unless it's in the flood plain," he said. And city planner Steve Freiberg says the only physical obstacle is the city's sewage plant, which is running at capacity.


Nauvoo Cringes: Investors Seek to Cash in on New Temple
Salt Lake Tribune 22Feb01 B4
By Dan Egan: Salt Lake Tribune


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