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Posted 12 Mar 2001   For week ended February 23, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 22Feb01

By Kent Larsen

Maren Ord's Waiting

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA -- 19-year-old LDS musician Maren Ord's first album, Waiting, was released yesterday, with newspaper articles in her hometown of Edmonton cheering her as Canada's next pop star and praising her practical yet sophisticated nature. But the album's release starts the beginning of hard work for Ord as she promotes the album in her attempt to launch a successful pop singing career.

Ord is the eighth of 10 children in her musically-inclined Mormon family. Her parents both teach music and the family has long performed locally as the acappella group "the Ord Family Singers." But in spite of that orientation, Ord never thought that music would become her career. Then she performed at the music festival Lilith Fair in 1998, where Nettwerk Records, the label made famous by Sarah McLachlan, discovered her and signed her up.

For the past three years Nettwerk Records has had Ord bouncing between New York, London and Los Angeles working to bring her songs from voice and acoustic guitar to a level suitable for pop radio airplay. During that time she also began working with Excel Entertainment's Highway Records label, which issued Waiting early, in November, for the LDS market. Recording Waiting took four months in the studio last fall.

The album's producer, Stephen Hague, says he is particularly impressed with Ord's maturity, according to a recent article in the industry publication Billboard. "It was quite refreshing to be around someone who was really excited to be making a record. ... She's incredibly un-neurotic and wanted to have a good time. She's amazingly sophisticated for someone so young." Ord demonstrates how she is different from many pop stars, refusing to "flaunt her navel" in photo shoots like Brittany Spears, for example.

But she is different from most pop stars on another count as well -- she writes her own songs and lyrics. And she is hesitant to let others sing those lyrics, "In the early stages, there was one song they wanted either Celine Dion or Toni Braxton to sing," says Ord. "But I almost wouldn't want to give my songs away because it would be hard to let someone else sing your songs. I think the only way I'd be able to do that is I'd have to sing it myself and then someone else could."

Ord credits her stability and maturity to her Mormon background and her family, "I need to have balance in my life and do other things than music especially as it's not occupying every day of the week -- not yet," says Ord. "You just have to take it a day at a time. That's the best advice my mom has given me. She's the one that urged me to get a part-time job." And, like many 19-year-olds, Ord worked that job, but she did it in spite of the interest in her singing.

Now that the album is out, Ord will have to do the sometimes more difficult job of promoting it. Nettwerk has her scheduled for a tour including interviews and public appearances in cities across the US and Canada. She has even worked in a stop to perform at BYU's Especially for Youth Camp this summer.

For her the only question that remains is if this album will be the end of her wait for a singing career.


'A lot of talent and a good heart'
Edmonton Alberta Canada Journal 20Feb01 A2
By Sandra Sperounes: Journal Music Writer
Dream comes true today for Maren Ord with release of CD

Jam! Showbiz 20Feb01 A2
By Mike Ross: Edmonton Sun

'Waiting' is just beginning for Ord
Billboard 10Feb01 A2
By Larry LeBlanc


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