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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended October 27, 2000
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Sent on Mormon-News: 26Oct00

Summarized by Kent Larsen

At Least Seven Mormons Running for Colorado State Offices

DENVER, COLORADO -- The results of candidate questionnaires by the Rocky Mountain News have allowed Mormon News to identify seven Mormon candidates who are running for Colorado state offices and two that are running for the US Congress from Colorado. Unfortunately, not every candidate responded to the questionnaires, or even to all the questions asked, so the list is probably incomplete.

One of the questions asked candidates was their religious affiliation, and seven of the candidates for Colorado state offices, including five seeking election to the state house, one to the state senate and one to the state board of education, identified themselves either as Mormon or as LDS Church members. In addition, one candidate for the US House of Representatives identified himself as an LDS Church member. Another, incumbent congressman Mark Udall, has Mormon heritage but does not identify himself as Mormon.

All the candidates for the Colorado legislature and for the US house, except for Udall and for Charles Carter, who is a candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives, also identify themselves as Republican. Carter is a 71-year-old retired lobbyist seeking election in the 30th state house district.

The information in the Rocky Mountain News also indicates that one candidate for the Boulder City Commission is Mormon and that the Mayor of the town of Parker is also Mormon.

Here is Mormon News' list, compiled from the Rocky Mountain News' questionnaire information. Anyone that knows of ANY other Mormon candidate anywhere is encouraged to let us know about them.

US House of Representatives
DistrictName AgeAffiliationOccupation Notes
1Jesse Thomas 48Republican Healthcare ExecutiveChallenging incumbent Diana DeGette
2Mark Udall 50Democrat Former educator Incumbent

Colorado Senate
DistrictName AgeAffiliationOccupation Notes
17Randal L. Carter 51Republican Control Systems EngineerChallenging incumbent Terry L. Phillips

Colorado House
DistrictName AgeAffiliationOccupation Notes
30Charles W. Carter 71Democrat Retired Lobbyist Challenging incumbent Rob Fairbank.
33Shawn Mitchell 37Republican Lawyer Incumbent
42Ron Schindler 36Republican Lawyer and professor Unknown
52John Clarke 54Republican Photographer Open Seat
60Jim Snook 60Republican Retired Insurance SalesmanUnknown

Colorado State Board of Education (Nonpartisan office)
DistrictName AgeOccupation Notes
4Yolanda Sandoval 47City of Brigham Administrative Secretary  


Boulder City Commission
DistrictName AgeOccupationNotes
2Kathleen M. Witt 28Homemaker Challenging Incumbent Ron Stewart

Mayor of Parker
Name AgeOccupation Notes
Gary Lasater 49President of Internet Software Co.Incumbent


Colorado Election 2000
Denver CO Rocky Mountain News 22Oct00 T2


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