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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended October 27, 2000
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Sent on Mormon-News: 27Oct00

Summarized by 'Editor, LDSCaNews'

Uncle and Nephew Featured

GRASSY LAKE, CANADA - Lethbridge Herald reporter, Caroline Boshman, recently interviewed LeRon and David Torrie, an uncle and nephew from the Medicine Hat Alberta Stake. The article discusses how the two are raising their families on farms.

LeRon has been raising his five children with his wife Colleen for the past 25 years on the 2,000-acre farm where he grew up, just north of Grassy Lake. David and Tami Torrie just began raising their 6- and 4-year old boys on their farm only a year ago after leaving a big-city job in Detroit, Michigan with the Ford Motor Company and a salary which paid twice as much as David's making now.

The work the children of LeRon and Colleen have experienced over the years have sure taught them a lot. From doing everything from operating farm machinery to carpentry to steel fabrication to electrical wiring, their children have learned it all. And the three oldest children are suing the skills and work ethic they've learned as they plug away at university while Michelle, 17, and Eric, 15, sill help out at home.

David and Tami met each other while they were each serving missions in the state of Washington. David, like his father and uncle, grew up on a Southern Alberta farm. Tami, on the other hand, grew up in Detroit. After David finished his schooling at the University of Calgary and Utah State University, he realised there just wasn't room for him to come back home to farm with his family. So the two moved nearby Tami's family instead.

The elder Torrie couple run a non-livestock operation. This means that during the slow season of growing grain, oilseeds and peas, time that normally would be used to attend to livestock can be used to do other things. The family frequently uses it to travel across the world. In fact, just last year they managed to get in a trip to the Holy Land.

On the other hand, the younger Torries run a cattle operation. In fact, big-city-girl Tami has even grown to love she cattle. Not only does the round-up and branding appeal to her, but she really loves the community spirit she feels everywhere around her.

How does the Torrie family feel about farm life. David seems to sum it all up. "Every day isn't bliss. It's a lot of hard work, but we're investing in the future."

Lethbridge Herald, 20 Oct 2000



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