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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended October 27, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 26Oct00

Summarized by Excel Entertainment Press Release

God's Army VHS and DVD to Hit Stores Nationwide on November 14

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- God's Army gave the outside world it's first glimpse into the inner workings of the lives and minds of Mormon missionaries when the film hit theater screens in cities across the nation this summer.

At long last the hit independent film will be available for people to view on their own television screens when VHS and DVD versions go on sale Tuesday, November 14.

"We expect to ship in excess of 120,000 units before Thanksgiving alone," says Dean Hale of Excel Entertainment Group, Inc., the company that handled the theatrical release of God's Army and is now handling the video release. "The orders coming in are phenomenal. We are getting orders from stores and national chains that have never before shown any kind of interest in LDS-themed entertainment."

"When we first put the web site up, we were getting something like 300 downloads of the trailer a day," says Jeff Allen of VuWorks, the company that built the official God's Army web site ( ) in March. "And people are still very excited about this movie."

In addition to being available at traditional LDS bookstores, God's Army will be distributed through various intermountain and national distribution channels, including Albertson's, Smith's, Dan's, Macy's, Fred Meyer, Media Play, Sam Goody's, Borders, Barnes &Noble, Sun Coast, Wherehouse, Musicland and Hastings. Availability will not be restricted to the intermountain area. For example, Musicland will have the video available in 230 stores nationwide.

Touted as the birth of Mormon cinema, God's Army is being credited with creating a new genre of film-realistic and well-made religious films that can seriously appeal to a mainstream audience. The Kansas City Star seemed surprised to note that "the film's observations about the nature of faith are insightful enough to arouse the interest of just about anyone with a spiritual bent." Other critics gave the movie even stronger praise. Michael Medved, on his nationally syndicated radio talk show called God's Army "fascinating, riveting and emotionally satisfying." The LA Times called God's Army a "well-made independent film*the movie is actually a sensitive and thoughtful probe into questions of faith."

By the end of it's theatrical release, God's Army will have grossed over $2.6 million, played in 43 states and over 250 cities. International release of the film has already begun, as the film is currently playing in Canada with plans to open soon in New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and Samoa. Plans for theatrical release in Great Britain, South Africa and the Philippines are also underway.

While the film is certain to be a top seller during the next few months, distributors expect that God's Army will continue to sell well for years to come. "That's the nature of breakthrough films like God's Army," says Hale. "In this business they're called evergreen. They live forever."


God's Army VHS and DVD to Hit Stores Nationwide on November 14
Excel Entertainment Press Release 26Oct00 A2


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