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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended September 24, 2000
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Sent on Mormon-News: 21Sep00

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Berg & US Softball Team Drop Surprising 3rd Game; Track & Field Begins Today

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- The US Softball team lost a surprising third straight game in extra innings, this time to Australia 2-1 in the 13th inning, and despite an exceptional pitching performance from starter Lisa Fernandez, who pitched all 13 innings, striking-out an olympic record 25 batters and allowing only 2 hits. But one of those hits was a home run, in the bottom of 13th giving Australia the win without a chance for a US response. Center Fielder Laura Berg, the LDS member of the team, went 0 for 6, striking out once.

The only other match involving an LDS player was the US men's volleyball team, which lost 0-3 to Yugoslavia. Ryan Miller, the former BYU player who is an LDS Church member and a vital member of the team, scored six points in the disappointing match which the US lost in three straight games.

Mormon News has also received a report that US women's basketball team member Natalie Williams, who also plays professionally for the Utah Stars, is or was an LDS Church member. This conflicts with previous information we had that indicates she is not a member. If anyone has information that would clarify this, we would appreciate it.

Athlete Sport Country
Berg, Laura Softball USA
USA v. Australia L 1-2 0 hits in 6 at bats, 1 strike out
Millar, Ryan Volleyball USA
USA v. Yugoslavia L 0-3 Millar scored 6 pts

Here is a schedule of the Mormon athletes competing Thursday, September 21, along with the times they will compete (Sydney time).
Athlete Sport Country
Berg, Laura Softball USA
USA v. New Zealand   10:30 am
Johnson, Courtney Water Polo USA
USA v. Netherlands Semifinals 7:15 pm
Tagaloa, Charlene Volleyball USA
USA v. Australia   8:30 pm
Myles-Mills, Leonard Track &FieldGhana
100m Round 1 12:17 - Heat 8, Lane 2
100m Round 2 8:45 pm
Chan, Maggie Track &FieldHong Kong
5000m Round 1 6:25 pm - Heat 2, Lane 11

The following is the list of Mormon athletes competing in the games that we know about. If you know of an additional athlete, please let us know!
Athlete Sport Country
Andam, Kenneth Track &FieldGhana
Baird, Marsha Track &FieldTrinidad
Berg, Laura Softball USA
Chan, Maggie Track &FieldHong Kong
Dantzscher, Jamie Gymnastics USA
Gardner, Rulon Wrestling USA
Johnson, Courtney Water Polo USA
Millar, Ryan Volleyball USA
Myles-Mills, Leonard Track &FieldGhana
Palmer, Amy Track &FieldUSA
Pratt, Robby Track &FieldMexico
Pryah, Jason Track &FieldUSA
Savickas, Arunas Swimming Lithuania
Tagaloa, Charlene Volleyball USA


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