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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended May 07, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 05May00

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Steve Young's Status Still Uncertain
San Francisco Examiner 1May00 S2
By Bruce Adams: Examiner Staff

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA -- 49er football star Steve Young had been told that he wasn't needed at 49ers minicamp this past weekend, but he appeared on Sunday anyway, in a gesture that makes it clear he still thinks he is on the team. Young, who missed the last 13 games of last season following a concussion, was on the field greeting teammates and visiting with coaches, but didn't actually take part in the practice. He was scheduled to talk with coach Steve Mariucci following the practice.

The 49ers General Manager Bill Walsh hasn't told Young that he can't return, but he has repeatedly hinted that life would be simpler if they didn't have the 38-year-old quarterback and 37-year-old star receiver Jerry Rice. The 49ers are facing difficulty staying under the NFL's salary cap, and getting rid of the high salaries of the veteran players, who are near the end of their careers by all accounts, would relieve the problem.

"Obviously Bill has postured a lot in the spring -- without any input from me," Young said, adding, "I probably made a mistake in not conversing with him earlier." But he thinks things will somehow work out, "What I have is a sense we're going to be able to talk it out."

Young also told the press that the hurdle is high for the 49ers to keep him and Rice, "Bill doesn't want to have Jerry and I flopping around the last few years of our careers. That's an important part of it. That's something I'd have to answer with him."

Meanwhile, the press in Colorado are still hoping that Young could be picked up by the Broncos if he is released by the 49ers. They hope that the 49ers physicians won't give Young a clean bill of health, leading the team to release him, effective June 1st. But Young laughed off the rumor, as well as one that he may become a television commentator for Monday Night Football. "I catch wind of it every once in a while," he said of the rumors.

But Young does say that he still loves the game, "The juices flow," he said. "It's a complex issue, being older and the team is in a place it hasn't been before."


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