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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended May 07, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church
Sent on Mormon-News: 09May00

Summarized by Gregor McHardy

LDS Teen Rocker Remain's Faithful
Raleigh NC News & Observer 5May00 P2
By Demorris Lee: Staff Writer

Two religious devotees, A.J. 'Tres' Schneller III and Josh Lohmann, have formed a little band in their hometown. They play a brand of music they call "mutt metal" (a cross between folk and heavy metal) and blend together like old friends, although they have been playing together for only a year. Their lyrics range from averting suicide to undying love.

They call their band "Final Intervention" to let other folks know that they're both religious. "The name is significant to us because it symbolizes that there's a great power," Josh said. "We don't consider ourselves a religious band, but that's both our backgrounds." The interesting thing is, however, that they're not from the same faith. Josh is LDS, while Tres is Baptist, a rather surprising mix considering some of the events of the past few years.

Josh starts each day attending seminary at 7 a.m. He is proud of the fact that he has not missed a morning of seminary this school year. Tres goes to Bible study at 7 a.m. at Neuse Baptist and also reads the Bible for an hour daily.

"They are still kids, and we go with them wherever they perform," said Courtney Schneller, Tres' stepmother. "Plus, it's a way of showing our support." David Lohmann, Josh's father, said he is proud of what the two are doing, particularly since you hear so much about bad teenagers. "They could be in the streets, but they are doing something positive," he said.

* To hear selections from Final Intervention, check out:

"All New Hope" *Streaming Real Audio *Downloadable MP3 (4.2 MB)

"Serene Queen" *Streaming Real Audio *Downloadable MP3 (3.0 MB)


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