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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended May 07, 2000
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Sent on Mormon-News: 18May00

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Boston Temple Lawsuit Effects Already Felt Elsewhere
Lowell MA Sun 6May00 N6
By Pierre Comtois: Sun Correspondent

LITTLETON, MASSACHUSETTS -- The lawsuit against the LDS Church's Boston Temple has already caused trouble for one Massachusetts town. Littleton, Massachusetts, which is trying to build a new High School, has had to put the school through the zoning process, even though schools are exempt under Massachusetts' Dover amendment. And in spite of a favorable ruling, the town may still be sued by neighbors that don't want the high school to exceed the law's height limitations.

Town officials have been trying to get the $23 million high school project on the fast track, but keep running into obstacles. The latest occurred when Town Counsel Judith Pickett noticed the lawsuit agains the LDS Church's Boston Temple, and decided the town should get a zoning variance to exceed the nominal height and frontage requirements in the law. Under Massachusett's Dover amendment, schools are exempt from most zoning requirements, and Pickett had thought the town didn't need the variance.

The town's Zoning Board of Appeals granted the variance the last week of April, but now the Lowell Sun reports that neighbors that don't like the building exceeding the height limitations are considering a lawsuit. Apparently the neighbors are also following the Boston Temple lawsuit, because they have picked the law firm Anderson & Kreiger of Cambridge, the same firm hired by the Belmont, Massachusetts neighbors of the Temple.

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Lowell MA Sun 21Apr00 N6
By Pierre Comtois: Sun Correspondent
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Plan to raise school's height limit clears hurdle
Lowell MA Sun 2May00 N6
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Plan to raise school's height limit clears hurdle


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