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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended April 16, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 12Apr00

Summarized by 'abraham menes'

Tribute to Agricol Lozano Herrera held in Mexico City
Abraham Menes 11Apr00 D2

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO -- Last Sunday, April 9, 2000 at the Industrial Stake building, a service was held to give tribute to President Agricol Lozano Herrera. The service was promoted by the stake presidency and was presided by Armando Gaona of the area presidency. The Industrial Stake was once presided over by Agricol Lozano Herrera and was his stake during all his life except while he presided on the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission.

Agricol Lozano Herrera died on July 29, 1999. Many people came from the United States to pay tribute to this remarkable man. Among others there were Adolfo Avalos, an Area Authority Seventy, Elder Aurelio Valdespino, Director of Public Relations, Patriarch Abraham Lozano, from California, a cousin of Agricol Lozano, Patriarch Angel Sandoval, from Utah and former counselor to President Lozano, on the Mexico City Temple, Enrique Ruiz, former counselor to President Lozano, in the second stake at Mexico, Enrique Sosa and Michael Hayter, former missionaries of the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission, and Daniel Taylor, who, with Agricol Lozano, was an important part of the founding of the Church Educational System in Mexico. Thanks to both of them, we have an important school with more than 2500 students at Mexico City. Local authorities were also there.

Agricol Lozano Herrera's family was there, and two of his children Agricol and Itzcoatl began the tribute with their remarks. Itzcoatl talked about the life of his father, gave a brief biography, and some personal words on the letters he received as a missionary from his father. Agricol Jr, talked about the works of his father, books, essays, poems, manuals, etc. Patriarch Abraham Lozano, told about his youth with Agricol Lozano, his mission with Agricol Lozano and his work as a Mission president while President Lozano was a Regional Representative of the Twelve in southeastern Mexico.

Enrique Ruiz talked about how brother Lozano sent him on a mission and how he trained him. Enrique Sosa talked about his mission, telling about two times brother Lozano cried, once at the death of two sister missionaries in an accident and the other time at the death of President Lozano's Father. Michael Hayter talked also about the mission field, recalling some of President Lozano's classic phrases, "Beat the sleeping", "Steal time from time" and "Steal time from sleeping" Daniel Taylor, who arrived from the airport late, told three anecdotes recorded in the written history of the church in Mexico, and talked about Lozano's character and how worthy he was.

Finally President Armando Gaona spoke. I felt the Spirit during all the service, but especially during Elder Gaona's remarks. He told us about some feelings he felt during the previous talks. He said "I am a disciple ofPresident Agricol Lozano's style of training . . . meetings early in the morning at 5 o 6 A.M. are waiting for us to get spectacular results as brother Lozano reached . . . Let Manasses be at the same level as Ephraim . . . I have read his works . . . I can see how the Gospel Principles can transform a man's life for his good . . . My sure feeling is that the Gospel is the power of God . . . The Gospel can transform men like Agricol Lozano. . . I have discovered that from time to time the Lord sends His servants to every nation and to every circumstance to be guiding lights, encouraging us that are still crawling like a baby in this life. I have the feeling that this was the case for Agricol Lozano, the "small giant" as he was known in Argentina . . . Sister Lozano, I beg the Lord you keep enjoying during many years the benefits brother Lozano brought to us by the name of Christ."

It was a long service, almost three hours, but we left the building better than before we entered, still receiving blessings from him and now from our authorities, I hope we can work as were commanded that night and be the leaders our country soon, second country in the world in Temples, to be the leaders our Lord needs here to make the Kingdom of God on earth bigger and to prepare men to wait for the lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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