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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended March 02, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church
Letter Sent to Mormon-News: 03Mar00

Letter from: Roger Clawson

Re: Gay Mormon hoped suicide would help change church

Dear Editor:

Gay Mormon Suicide

It is amazing to what lengths gay will go to rationalize their condition. Although one must admire Matis to the extent that he refused live the gay lifestyle, it is incredible that he would make the statement that "God never intended for me to be straight." Unless he was born with ambiguous physical gender characteristics, one would have to absolutely believe that God does plays tricks on some of his poor children or that His prophet is just badly misled and entirely insensitive to the needs of our homosexual brothers and sisters in order to buy into his conclusion about himself.

I have had the privilege of attending several sessions of what might be called group therapy with homosexuals over he past several years. Those gays, both male and female, some who have lived the lifestyle for years, became comepletely heterosexual with this program. Once the underlying issues are brought out the lie of "homosexual determinism" is exposed and these people see their feelings change in a most dramatic way sometimes overnight.

What is truly amazing is the hatred and vindictiveness expressed by the gay community and their leaders when confronted with these facts. When well intentioned friends, ward leaders, and family give the appearance of buying into this poor man's justifications it only feeds the agenda of the gays. I wonder if the next step on Matis' family will be to petition the prophet to change his ways and then start demonstrating at conference with the rest of the LDS homosexuals who haven't the courage to face reality.

Really folks, if we accept the gays argument don't we also have to accept the pedophiles argument? They too claim the same rights to live their lifestyle and use the same rationalization about their condition. And the Amerian Psychiatric Association has also now delisted this category from the DSM IV. Think about it.

Roger Clawson


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