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For week ended February 06, 2000 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Summarized by 'Marc A. Schindler'

Tal not quite a chip off the Bachman block
Edmonton Alberta Canada Journal 04Feb00 A2
By Sandra Sperounes: Journal Music Writer

EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA -- Tal Bachman appears at Red's, a nightclub at the West Edmonton Mall (the world's largest shopping centre), this evening and was interviewed by the Edmonton Journal's music editor. The interview covers much of the same ground as an earlier interview in the Toronto-based National Post but plays up some of the artistic differences between Tal and his famous father, Randy Bachman. His active LDS status is played up, with the following points being made:

1. He has "more than four" children but any discussion of his immediate family and his private life is strictly off-limits; one of his keys to success is segregating his life as an entertainer from his private life (something he credits his father with teaching him)

2. In mock shock, the interviewer reveals that all of his children have the same mother -- "How will Tal ever live that one down in the raunchy world of rock 'n' roll?" she asks, tongue-in-cheek.

3. Both father and son are referred to as devout Mormons, but "not Bible thumpers."

4. Tal won't play on Sundays and even turned down a West Coast Music Award because it was on a Sunday. Neither will he accept any alcohol or tobacco sponsorship (although he admits he did once play a gig funded by [Canadian tobacco brand] duMaurier, but he didn't know about the sponsorship until he actually arrived at the venue); he doesn't allow drinking or smoking in his dressing room.

The interview covers his opinions on other musicians, and not even his father is spared from a bit of gentle criticism, "imitating Randy's excited rant-like style of speaking: 'There's too many chords in this song! All you need is two chords, bass and drums!' bellows Tal in full Randy mode. 'That was all that "Taking Care of Business" had. I don't now why you don't write songs like that!'" He wonders where Britney Spears' father is and why he allows her to prance around on stage dressed the way she is.

He comes across as so normal and well-adjusted that it's "weird." "There he goes again, bucking the trend," the interviewer concludes.


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