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1 to 5 messages a day
Jokes and amusing stories about Mormons or Mormonism.
Anyone familiar with Mormonism
Available as a list called mormon-humor-digest
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Mormon-Humor is an email list for telling jokes, and amusing stories and anecdotes about Mormons and Mormonism. Almost all aspects of Mormon culture, activities, events and people worldwide are fair game.

However, racist, sexual and jokes that make malicious fun of others should  not be sent to mormon-humor.

Jokes, of course, must be about Mormonism in some way. Please make sure the connection to Mormonism is clear!

Jokes and stories that are merely religious but not about Mormonism are off-topic! Mormon-Humor carrys jokes that ordinarily don't show up on other lists!

Subscribers are encouraged to post jokes and stories to Mormon-Humor. Don't send announcements or news items to Mormon-Humor. We don't want to get that serious! <g>

Since no serious discussion is permitted, mormon-humor will not contain any disputes or contentious material. It will, however, contain a J. Golden story or two, so be prepared to take a lighthearted look at mormonism and put up with a swearword or two. Don't take offense easily and we'll all be better off.

Mormon-Humor is run by Kent Larsen <>. Anyone can post to the list. A once-a-week digest version of the list is also available.

Notices of news items, upcoming events, summaries of news items and personal reports of newsworthy events can be sent in by anyone, just by sending an email message to Mormon-Humor.

This list is open to anyone that is interested in the Mormon Church.

You do not have to be a subscriber to send in jokes and stories. However, if you are not a subscriber, you will not see the
information you sent in, and you will miss laughing at the stories and jokes told..

To send a joke or amusing story to Mormon-Humor, please send it to

Mormon-Humor is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or any other Mormon Church in any way. It
may, however, poke fun at them. Messages on the list therefore do not and can not represent the official policy of any Church or
Church-related organization, unless Robert Kirby becomes the prophet <grin>.

Mormon-humor is owned by Kent Larsen.


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