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For week ended December 19, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Minnesota's first Mormon temple comes to the people

The open house for the Minneapolis Temple starts Saturday and continue through year-end, giving thousands in the Minneapolis - St Paul metropolitan area and in the region the opportunity to see it prior to dedication. Currently the only Temple between Chicago and Denver, the Temple will serve Church members in Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota, as well as the 22,000 Church members in Minnesota. Dedication is scheduled for January 9th.

  Death sought for Falater
The sentencing hearing for former LDS high councilor Scott Falater concluded Thursday with prosecutor Juan Martinez calling on the Judge to give Falater the death penalty. Martinez asked Judge Ronald Reinstein to imagine what Yarmila Falater must have felt when her husband of 20 years attacked her.

Columnist asks for Judge to remember Falater's wife (Will silence of the dead be heard?)

After reviewing the testimony in favor of former LDS High Councilman Scott Falater, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wonders who will speak for the wife that he was convicted of murdering. Many witnesses have testified in Falater's favor, including both his children and his mother-in-law.

LDS 'Sleepwalking' killer makes plea for life

Former LDS high councilor Scott Falater plead on Monday for a judge to spare his life. "Please give us the chance to rebuild what we can, to rebuild our relationship as much as we can," said Falater, in tears, to Judge Ronald Reinstein. Falater was testifying at his sentencing hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court.

  Raleigh NC Temple Dedicated
President Gordon B. Hinckley laid the cornerstone to the Raleigh North Carolina Temple as part of the dedicatory ceremonies held this past weekend. LDS Church member Jeff Jackson reports on his website that more than 600 people were present for the cornerstone laying ceremony. Elders M. Russell Ballard and Loren C. Dunn also participated in the ceremonies.

LDS 'Straight Edger' Gets 5 to Life (Straight Edgers Sentenced)

Straight Edge gang member and Mormon Colin Reesor, 18, was sentenced to 5 years to life in prison for the murder of 14-year-old Latino Bernardo Repreza during a street brawl on October 31, 1998. Co-defendant Andrew Moench, 19, was given a 6 to 15 year sentence for his part in the fight and ensuing attack on Repreza.The trial of a final defendant, the fourth, begins on Tuesday.

  2 Accused of Giving Missionaries Marijuana Cookies Convicted
The bizarre case of two men accused of giving two LDS missionaries cookies laced with marijuana ended Friday with their convictions. Alexander McLean, 47, was sentenced to two months in jail while Douglas James Lynch, 40, was fined $450. McLean's sentence was suspended for 12 months, and he says that he will appeal.

Defense Claims Cannabis Poisoning Just a Joke

The lawyer for two men accused of poisoning two LDS missionaries with cookies laced with cannabis (marijuana) told the court that the prosecution couldn't prove that the cookies had marijuana in them, and even if they did, giving them to the missionaries was an innocent prank.

Cannabis cookies served to Mormon Missionaries

The details of a cruel joke played on two LDS missionaries in Melbourne were explained to a Melbourne court Tuesday. The unsuspecting missionaries were invited in to the home of Douglas Lynch, 40, and Alexander McLean, 46, on May 19th and offered cookies laced with cannabis, the plant that makes up marijuana. Both missionaries became ill and ended up in the hospital.

UAW accused of fostering prejudice against Mormons

A labor dispute at Wabash National Corp. has escalated into accusations of religious discrimination at the semi-trailer manufacturer. Management at the company claims that the union harassed members of the Mormon faith within the plant and tried to convince workers there was a "Mormon conspiracy" there.

Gang Shooting Claims LDS Youth Preparing for Mission

LDS youth Omar Antoine, 19, who was preparing to serve a mission, was killed about 6 p.m. Wednesday evening when one gang shot at the car Antoine was in. Police believe the shooting was in retaliation for a shooting the day before that left a gang member critically wounded.

  Contractors Still Removing LDS Conference Center Granite
Neighbors of the LDS Church's granite extraction project in Little Cottonwood Canyon say that the contractors have not stopped hauling the stone as promised. Two weeks after the contractors said that they would stop because of the ski season that began recently, flatbed trucks are still transporting the granite.

LDS Ward's 'Scam' confused police

Police in Salt Lake City issued a warning Wednesday that someone was passing-out flyers requesting charitable donations to the Washington Elementary School. Initally the school claimed it wasn't involved in any campaign, leading Police to believe that someonw was trying to run a scam. However, Police later discovered that the "scam" was run by an LDS Ward.

  Sydney Australia Temple Lights Get Mention
The Sydney Morning Herald's 'Column 8' lists the LDS Temple there as one place to check out Christmas lights. Like many Temples around the world, the Sydney Temple has been decorated with thousands of lights to celebrate the Christmas season.

Brazilian who used LDS Church to Defraud Flees to Brazil (Utahn jumps bail, flees to native Brazil)

A 38-year-old Brazilian immigrant who faced fraud and money laundering charges for using LDS Church connections to deceive illegal aliens has jumped bail and fled to Brazil. Manoel F. Silva lied to an immigration judge and asked to be deported, effectively escaping the charges because the U.S.'s extradition treaty with Brazil doesn't allow Brazilians to be extradited to the U.S.

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