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For week ended September 12, 1999 Posted 5 Jun 1999
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Tait Signs With Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - Its official. LDS First-round draft pick John Tait has finally signed a five-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to his agent. "This wasn't everything we wanted, but it was better than it was initially," said Tait's agent Ethan Lock "John struggled with this. People can say we were bluffing. But, he was within inches of just waiting until next April and going back in the draft. He decided in the end this was the better thing for him to do."

BYU is as obnoxious as they come

Yes, BYU has a squeaky-clean image and a strict honor code, but University of Washington football players say that BYU's team needles and riles opponents as much as any other team. Huskies wide receiver Dane Looker says, "They're not very reserved. They talk as much as anybody." Tailback Willie Hurst agrees, "I was thinking, 'These guys aren't supposed to be like this.' They surprised me. They talk a lot."

LDS Golfer wins first PGA Victory (He learned from his failure at the PGA)

At the Air Canada Championship yesterday in Surrey, British Columbia, LDS Church member Mike Weir scored his first PGA Tour victory.

Detmer plays losing hand with gambler's smile

Former BYU quarterback Ty Detmer has been a target of criticisms that have dogged him throughout his eight-year NFL career. Few players with Detmer's credentials have been derided as much.

As a Hei

LDS Brothers Enjoying Recruiter Attention (The big fish)

LDS students Paul and Scott Fisher have received recruiting letters since they were freshmen, in High School. At six feet eight inches and 315 pounds, the twin brothers, seniors at Dixie High in St. George, Utah, are known in their school as the "Twin Towers."

Tait Ready To Sign With Chiefs

LDS First-round NFL draft pick John Tait will sign with the Kansas City Chiefs today, his father told the Associated Press. Tait has been in a contract dispute with the Chiefs since they drafted him. The dispute was exacerbated last week when Chief's General Manager Carl Peterson blew-up in a negotiation meeting with Tait and his agent Ethan Lock. Offended at what he called 'mistreatment,' Tait stormed out of the meeting and returned to Arizona.

Major League Player's Mormon Heritage Didn't Keep Him Straight (A Major League Player's Life of Isolation and Subterfuge

An inauspicious beginning gave former major league baseball player Billy Bean a Mormon heritage, but his recent lifestyle makes it unlikely that he will every participate fully in that heritage. Bean was born in Santa Ana, California, part of conservative Orange County. His mother, Linda Robertson, married her high school classmate, Bill Bean, after she begame pregnant. However, the father left the family when Billy was just 6 months old because his Mormon family disapproved of the marriage.

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