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For week ended August 1, 1999 Posted 8 August 1999
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Missionary Hit By Car, Killed in South Africa

Elder Richard Keith Black, 19, was killed in Capetown, South Africa on Saturday, July 24th when he was hit by a car while riding a bicycle.

Mormons' temple of boom

The Spokesman-Review had 3 articles on Sunday, August 1st, following a notice on Saturday, July 31st that the eight-day open house for the Spokane Washington Temple will begin on Friday, August 6th. The articles give background information on the LDS Church, and the purpose of Temples.

LDS Church growth in Brazil and Latin America

The LDS Church is enjoying significant success in the urban areas of Latin America, including Brazil, the source of this Tribune story. 60 years after the Church first entered Brazil, growth is coming primarily in urban areas, the same areas that have fueled the growth of Pentecostal churches and transformed the religious structure of Latin America.

Young Mormons find growth in Jersey mission

Elder Cameron Adams has been a missionary in New Jersey for the past 17 months, teaching everyone from a disabled man in a Roselle, New Jersey parking to to the residents of the state's most affluent suburbs. "I love New Jersey," he said. "In a lot of ways, this has been an eye-opener, but it's been one of the greatest experiences of my life."

New Visitors Center director to speak at program

David E. Salisbury has taken up his duties as director of the Washington D. C. Temple Visitors Center in Kensington. Md. He and his wife will be the featured speakers for the monthly "Why I Believe" fireside at 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 15, at the newly renovated Washington D. C. Temple Visitors Center.

Where two or three are gathered. . .

Utah, LDS meeting houses abound, but, in many other areas of the country, members of the Mormon Church must improvise when it comes to finding a place to meet. Meetings are held in apartments, vacant houses, schools, libraries, even garages, according to John Hart of the LDS Church News. As with most spiritual matters it's the frame of mind of the congregation that means more to a successful meeting than the frame of the building.


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