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For week ended June 6, 1999 Posted 4 Jun 1999

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Time for S.L. County to Keep Promise on Playhouse?

Summarized by Eileen Bell

Time for S.L. County to Keep Promise on Playhouse?
Salt Lake Tribune 2Jun99 L2
By Brandon Loomis: Salt Lake Tribune

The Utah Heritage Foundation and Salt Lake County officials have begun considering funding options for the restoration of the Promised Valley Playhouse. The county wants the LDS Church to donate the theater to the county, rather than sell it and run the risk of it being demolished. The 94 year old building hasn't been used for several years, as the Church gets ready for the new theatre that will be part of the big meeting center that the Church is building across from Temple Square.

County commissoner Brent Overson says the Church has been patient with the lack of action by the county in the years since the theater was closed. "They've been so gracious." But he thinks the county now has to get a plan in gear. "Six months is the most we have to work with."

Restoration of the old playhouse is estimated at about 24 million dollars U.S. Ed Augustine is with Pathfinder, a group that helps line up private funding to help governments with arts projects like the playhouse. He says, "It's not just about preserving the theater. It's about community development."

The Promised Valley Playhouse was first called "The Orpheum." The LDS Church bought the well-loved building in 1970.

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