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For week ended January 31, 1999 Posted 2 Feb 1999
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Subpoenas Sent To Utah Players In Games Probe

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Subpoenas Sent To Utah Players In Games Probe
Salt Lake Tribune 29Jan99
By Greg Burton: Salt Lake Tribune


No word on when Salt Lake ethics panel will deliver report
Caspar WY Tribune (AP) 29Jan99
By Kristen Moulton: Associated Press Writer

Investigators looking for evidence in the Olympic bribery scandal send subpoenas to the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Intermountain Health Care and Utah Valley State College seeking evidence. The subpoenas specifically ask for records relating to 120 individuals who may be involved. The 120 people include all 60 current members of the International Olympic Committee, as well as 5 members that have retired or died, and the spouses or children of IOC members.

Meanwhile, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee's ethics panel hasn't yet ended its investigation and does not have a target date for releasing its report. But Utah Governor Mike Leavitt already wants to make changes. Leavitt suggests that the SLOC board needs to be examined and possibly changed. Leavitt is seeking to ensure that public funds will not be required to put on the games. About three-quarters of the $1.4 billion budget has been raised. The Governor has promised to pay if there is a shortfall.

The subpoenas come from a Federal teamm that now includes four prosecutors and at least six agents. These subpoenas come because of allegations that IOC members and their families received health care, college or university admission and financial assistance in exchange for voting for Salt Lake City as the site for the 2002 Olympic games.

In BYUs case, the subpoena specifically asks for records related to Suhel Attarabulsi, son of the Libyan IOC member, who resigned last Friday. BYU has already acknowledged that Attarabulsi was enrolled in 1995 and 1996, during attempt to win the games for Salt Lake. He was enrolled in the English Language Center at BYU for three semesters. The program does not give university credit. BYU received a total of $4,290 for his tuition.

Among the documents that prosecutors have subpoenaed is a copy of the ecclesiastical endorsement that BYU required for Attarabulsi. BYU requires such an endorsement of all students.

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