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For week ended January 10, 1999 Posted 23 Jan 1999
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Farmer: Journeyman resides in Utah

Summarized by Eric Bunker

Farmer: Journeyman resides in Utah
Salt Lake Tribune 8Jan99
By Steve Luhm: Salt Lake Tribune

Now he wants to play in the NBA here

NBA basketball player, Tony Farmer has found a new home in Utah. Now, all he needs to do is find a basketball team.

Tony, a converted member of the Church, came to Utah with his wife, a Salt Lake City area native, and their daughter. They moved into a new home in Metro SLC in April, where he has started and is running a real estate development and improvement business, while waiting for the Utah Jazz front office to finalize player roster decisions. Training camp starts January 18

As a player, Tony, a 6-foot-9, 245-pound forward , has starred in Europe and Canadian leagues along with two ignominious and brief bench sitting stints in the NBA these last two seasons. He hopes that his basketball fortunes will change when the Jazz put together their 12-man roster in a few weeks. At age 29, he has no illusions of ever being a NBA superstar, but he feels that he can contribute to the team in his final possible years as a player.

He spent half of the 1996-97 season on the injured reserved list for Miami before being let go. Last season he signed on with Charlotte as a free agent, but didn't see much playing time. He also hated the infighting on the team.

Farmer also likes "the family atmosphere'' created by Jazz owner Larry Miller and Coach Jerry Sloan's "no-nonsense approach'' to his job. "It just looks like a great situation for me,'' he said. "I wanted to find a situation where the guys liked each other, and these guys like each other. I'm impressed with that.''

If a position is offered, money is not going to be much of a factor in his decision making. Recently his agent called and said that a couple of teams have extended inquiries about Tony's intentions. However, he said, "I told my agent this is where I want to be. I'm staying right here", even if another teams offers higher than the Jazz.

Being a successful business owner and a contended father has its contractual advantages. "The way my life is now,'' Farmer said, ``I can make some money on the tail end . . .. Money isn't the most important thing in my life at this point. We wanted to raise our little daughter in a great environment. We think this is perfect.''

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