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Posted 10 Sep 2001   For week ended September 07, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 06Sep01

By Kent Larsen

Wellsville Disputes with Stake President over Sham Battle

WELLSVILLE, UTAH -- An announcement of the Wellsville Founders' Day and the Sham Battle that has accompanied it since 1916 won't be inserted into ward bulletins in the town before the celebration. But, the Founders' Day Committee Chairman, Becky Siggard, and local LDS Stake President Louis Lucaro disagree on why. The town had asked the stake to have the insert put in ward bulletins, but Lucero turned them down.

According to Siggard, however, Lucero first agreed to distribute the inserts, as long as information about the annual Sham Battle was left out. The event portrays a mock attack by Indians on Mormon settlers and is said to commemorate an 1860s militia group's annual military exercises which culminated with a similar sham battle.

But after preparing a version of the insert without the Sham Battle, Siggard checked with Wellsville mayor Ruth Maughan, who "didn't feel good" about the changed insert. "I felt if we were going to advertise, we should advertise the full schedule, said Maughan. Mention of the battle has appeared on every piece of advertisement for the celebration.

However, when the Logan Herald-Journal checked with Lucero about his reason for turning down the insert, Lucero said he had "no comment." He latter added that 'secular' advertisements are generally not allowed in ward bulletins, "I don't run all these (bulletin) things. Each ward is at liberty to do whatever they like in their bulletin ... But as far as when people have asked me, I've not let any [secular annoucements] in that I'm aware of in the last year."

Asked if the Church has an official stance on the Sham Battle, Lucero said no it doesn't, nor does it have a position on "anything with the cities, really." Meanwhile, Siggard says "I understand both sides of this story. ... I think the Sham Battle is just a big controversy no matter how you look at it."


Sham Battle under siege
Logan UT Herald Journal 1Sep01 D6
By Jason Bergreen


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